Think yoga is all just flexibility? Get bent!

The physical practice of yoga is just the beginning. Problem is, diving deeper is pretty damn intimidating. Yoga Teacher Training scrapes the surface of yoga philosophy, but how do you learn more?

There are plenty of yoga philosophy books out there, but on page one, they start talking about energy and Universe, and things escalate real fast, leaving you feeling adrift in a lot of spiritual shit that’s way beyond you.

So then you hit the interwebs, looking for a quicker explanation that won’t require a 2-year leave-of-absence meditating on a mountain. The interwebs give you a two-sentence summary, and you’re left no wiser than you started.

In our quest for knowledge, we couldn’t find an easy source of information. We searched for the Goldilocks info. Not too superficial. Not too deep. And with the ability to listen in the car. But we never found it.

So we’re bringing it to you. We’ve rounded up the info and put it into a sweet little sound package you can listen to on the way to work or on the way to the studio, so put on your ear buds and rock out to the sweet stylings of Anna and Katie, the yoga philosophy non-experts.