Episode 11 - WTF Are Chakras?


Root to crown, there's some cray shit going on in your body at all times. Get those wheels spinning by tuning into this episode, in which Anna and Katie explore chakras.

Show Notes:

Get straightened out with Doreen Virtue's Chakra Clearing Meditation.


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Episode 10 - WTF Are Prana & Nadis?


What's past your physical self? Your energetic self! Learn about your body's energy (prana) and your #ghostveins. Tune in to find out what the hell ghost veins are.

Show Notes:

Learn more about Kirlian Photography. The pictures are preeeeetty fly.

Download the Insight Timer app for meditation, pranayama practice, or getting the perfect soft-boiled eggs every time.


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Do You Yoga: What Is Prana?