I Jumped. And the Universe Let Me SPLAT.

By: Katie

I jumped. I took a leap of faith. I put aside my skepticism and trusted the Universe. It was a long trust fall. And I kept falling. And falling.

And falling.

Until I went SPLAT.

And now I’m back where I started with the knowledge that jumping from point A to point Z didn’t work for me.

In the yoga world, there’s a belief that the Universe will provide, and I’ve seen it get more than one happy little yogi in trouble. It’s not necessarily a wrong belief, I think the common interpretation may just be a little optimistic.

The Universe WILL provide. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to provide what you want it to provide.

Nearly a year ago, I quit my corporate job and trusted that I could rock a flexible part-time gig that I wasn’t terribly enthused about, enabling me to teach more yoga and enjoy a thriving freelance writing operation.

Spoiler: That is NOT what the Universe provided.

Instead, the Universe provided me with a mighty dose of humility, a glance into dire financial straits, painful health problems, serious heartbreak within my family, an uncomfortably deep understanding of dependence, and more than a few strained relationships.

The Universe did NOT provide what I wanted. The Universe provided what I needed.

I’m now back where I started, having seen that the grass isn’t always greener, and I’m more deeply appreciative of my old/new job.

Am I saying you should always play it safe and never take risks? No.

I’m saying that the Universe will NOT always catch you. It’s wonderful if it does, and it’s wonderful to trust in it, but you need to first decide if the fall is worth it. Before you jump, ask yourself that if you hit the bottom in a giant splat, are you ready to pick yourself up and try again or revise your strategy?

Make sure it’s worth it, and then either jump or find a gentler path down the side of the mountain. Sure it’s a slower slog with harder work, but it sure is scenic.

Photo by my boo Steve!

Photo by my boo Steve!