valentines day

A Few Thoughts on Valentines Day

By: Anna


This is not a sappy Valentines Day love letter to my partner or an angry post on how Valentines Day is a made up holiday geared towards consumers and commercialism... To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what this is. I was thinking and thinking and then thinking some more about what to write this week and as I scrolled my Instagram feed in a fit of procrastination, I noticed it was filled with posts about love. Not just love for people's significant others but love for friends, family, dogs, cats, food, name it, someone has proclaimed their love for it on social media today. And as I continued to scroll, I noticed I was genuinely smiling. I LOVE feeling the LOVE! Even if it's not directed at me personally, love is oozing out of my phone today and making a sweet little mess.

Sure there are plenty of sappy posts of people declaring their love  for the whole world to hear or the stereotypical Valentines Day post of flowers and chocolate or worse yet a teddy bear (there's nothing wrong with a teddy bear, chill , I just don't understand the you actually sleep with it? Display it on your bed? Toss it????? Seriously, tell me.) Let me repeat: there is nothing wrong with these posts, they are just as valid as any other declaration of love on the internet today. I am just saying that the posts that moved me the most were either really raw and real or short and sweet. They have been about sisterhood, partnership, self-love, etc. They felt genuine and vulnerable. Some made me laugh and others made me a little uncomfortable, like I was peeking into someone else's life through the bedroom window. 

I am going to keep it short this week. Spread the love today! Not just on social media... but in real life too! Tell someone how much you love and appreciate them and not just on Facebook but in real life! Pick up that phone or better yet say it in person.

I came across a picture of my partner and I late last night that was taken in Costa Rica last year at this time. And I thought to myself, 'You know what? Today is a day celebrating love and I can support that.' So you better believe that I posted that picture and joined the Valentines Day spam. Shouldn't we be spreading the love year round? Of course we should but I'll be the first one to admit that a reminder every now and then like Valentines Day isn't so bad. So here's to love, in whatever form it takes.