WTF is Sound Healing?! Anna Drops In on a Singing Bowl Meditation Workshop


By: Anna

If you have been listening to our show, especially the past couple episodes, then you're an expert by now on energy, chakras, and our energy body... JUST KIDDING! But at least this might not sound like total gibberish to you. If you have not listened, then WTF???? again, kidding, but seriously get on it already.

Here's a super short simplified version of energy and how it works. Beyond our everyday physical body is an energetic body. Every living being on this planet operates and lives by the flow of energy, also known as prana. We have seven main energy centers called chakras. They begin at the base of the spine (our root chakra) and go all the way up the spine and end right above our head (the crown chakra). It is important to keep these chakras clean and balanced. Now if we experience a blockage or imbalance in our chakras the whole system is thrown off and negative things can manifest like disease, negative thoughts, depression, and all sorts of not fun stuff.

However there a billion different ways one can tune up their chakra system, and a quick google search (or listening to episode 11) can provide buckets of information. One way of clearing our chakras is sound healing, and this brings me to the point of all this rambling...

On Sunday, I attended a singing bowl meditation led by one of my absolute favorite local teachers, Jessi Rae, founder of Wild Roots Yoga and Bodywork. If you live in the Chicagoland area I highly recommend catching a class or workshop with this yoga goddess. As soon as I saw this event was taking place, it was one of those moments where my brain and heart just said "Yes. I need this right now." I have always been one to trust my intuition, otherwise known as your gut.

As a waitress, I usually work on Sundays, but at the last minute, I got the shift covered. In my opinion, this was further confirmation that this was exactly what I needed in this moment.

I walked into the yoga studio Sunday afternoon ready to chill. There were about 15 of us in a circle on our mats with all of the props (blankets, blocks, bolsters), and Jessi was in the middle of the circle with candles and her seven crystal quartz singing bowls. She gave a quick explanation of how the bowls were all tuned to different vibrations, each one connecting with a different chakra. We made ourselves as comfy as possible, closed our eyes, and for the next hour and 15 minutes, we were off!


Now I can't speak for every person in the room, but for me, the time flew by. I'm going to say that for the first 30 minutes, it just felt good. There's no other way for me to describe it. I've done one other sound healing meditation before this, and I have to say it was a very different experience. However, that was about four years ago, and I was at a very different stage in my life. Quick picture: all alone in Bali in my final week of six months of solo adventuring around the world and feeling very confused and homesick. So it makes sense that my experience this time around was much more positive and less anxiety ridden. 

Each time Jessi switched bowls, I could literally feel it in a different part of my physical body. It would just sort of light up and start to tingle. I could feel my energetic body expanding to the edges of the very room. This might sound crazy to you, and if you've never had any sort of energy work done, I highly recommend it.

In the last 20 minutes, I started getting all this information. I felt like a computer just downloading as much information as I could take in. It started with images of all these different energetic presences in the room. Every person had one or more different beings working on them or just standing by. It was AWESOME.

Then I started getting information about the upcoming year. It was more focused and directed at me personally. For the last couple weeks, I had been asking the question, "What now? What's next?" Without getting too personal, I got the information I needed. And it was crystal clear. Also painfully DUH I knew it all along. But for some reason, I wasn't ready to receive this information until that very moment. Or perhaps I wasn't ready to take on the commitment and the work until just now. 

When it ended, I was like WHAT? Where did the 60 minutes go? I lay there for a couple more minutes just trying to ground myself and reconnect to my physical body. When I left, I still felt like I was literally floating above myself (I've always had a problem with grounding, even though I'm a Virgo. Hello? Earth element, where are you when I need you?)

After about 15-20 minutes, I finally started to feel like I wasn't high as a kite. My chakras haven't been that balanced since probably ever. It's been almost a week since that workshop, and I still feel light, clear, and confident in my next move.

This was my experience out of 15 other people. Maybe some people fell asleep or time dragged ass for them. Perhaps some people experienced anxiety, sadness, or even anger. I can only tell you my experience.

If you've never tried sound healing before, hopefully I've answered some of your questions about what you can expect. However, your experience will be totally unique to you and absolutely perfect. Even if it doesn't feel perfect. At the risk of sounding like a total hippie, the universe will give exactly what you need in that moment. Now go out and experience the magic of sound healing and all it has to offer!


Photo courtesy of Alize Jireh

Photo courtesy of Alize Jireh