By Anna

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, I'm sure you've at least seen or heard something about the lawsuits between Alo Yoga, Cody, and Dana Falsetti. If you haven't, then you're in luck, because I will post links at the bottom with details about the cases and written responses from BOTH sides. As a co-host of WTF!? Yoga Podcast I just felt like it was finally time to discuss the issue from our little platform. So buckle up because I'm about to give my unwarranted opinion on the matter. 

I have been following this situation since it was brought to light by Kino MacGregor. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Dana and everything she represents. I have been practicing online with Cody for years and as I'm sure you've guessed by now, I am not a fan of Alo. When I heard the news, I was pretty fired up about the whole situation. One GIANT corporation against a 24 year self-employed yoga teacher. If you're not a yoga teacher or even an insta-famous yoga teacher (which I'm sure most of us are not...) it is damn hard to make a living from teaching. That point aside, Alo must feel pretty threatened if they need to sue Dana for a 60 second Instagram story that lasted 24 hours explaining how she would be parting ways with Cody after Alo merged with the company and that her content would no longer be a part of Cody (unless previously purchased). Again I will post links with ALL of the info including a link to Dana's post which sparked the lawsuit. 

Like I said, I've been following the stories as they unfold, I signed the petition to #FreeDana and #FreeKino (because yes, Kino would also like to part ways as her views do not align with those of Alo's). But that's all I did. I watched the drama unfold and just got angry. I saw other yogis that I respect join the fight through social media urging people to email Alo and Cody, comment on their posts, direct message, anything to get their attention.

Well that all changed yesterday when I was supposed to be doing research for our next episode but I was procrastinating instead by watching Instagram stories. Kino popped up on a live feed crying and basically saying that she was completely drained on all levels and she doesn't know what to do at this point. Alo has been blocking those who try to comment anything supporting Dana and also deleting comments altogether. Now that's dirty. Watching this woman who has been a pillar of strength not only through this ordeal but just in general was heartbreaking. I felt for Kino, for Dana, for everyone who has been making an effort and began to get really upset that nothing was making a difference. BUT  (there's that word again Katie!) then I realized I hadn't really done anything. Yea I signed the petition but that took a total of 60 seconds. So instead of sitting there upset that nothing was happening I decided to write Alo an email and cancel my Cody subscription. Will it cause them to drop the lawsuits? Probably not, but if enough of us get motivated and let them know that they are losing not only customers but the respect of a huge part of the community then perhaps we can not only help Dana and Kino but create a more positive and inclusive yoga community.

I've decided to attach the email below...

A few years ago when I was still a baby yogi , I used to admire the pretty pictures that would flood my feed from Alo Yoga. I admired the clothing I couldn’t afford, the perfect bodies in the clothing, and the advanced poses I felt like I would never be able to achieve. More recently I came across a post saying something along the lines of,  "unfollow any accounts that make you feel anything less than perfect."  I have to say this was a mind blowing moment. I instantly unfollowed and TON of accounts that didn’t have images that I couldn’t directly relate too, including your various accounts and many of your ambassadors that I don't feel are authentic or inclusive. Then very recently I saw Dana and Kino’s posts regarding the lawsuits and I have to say I am SO disappointed. Dana has always kept it real. She has never made me feel anything less than okay with my body and my practice. She motivates and support a whole community of yogis that are underrepresented in social media and marketing. And so this is my long winded way of saying PLEASE drop the lawsuits against Dana Falsetti. YES I have read both sides of the argument. And I have to say it really is a David and Goliath story. Come on guys, do the right thing.

Thank you for listening,

Anna Skleba

Registered Yoga Instructor


And that's all folks. I just wanted to bring the story to the light for those who were not aware and perhaps inspire a few more people to email/donate/message/all the things!!! Let's make a difference friends! Thank you for reading.